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Standard ou  sur-mesure !

Whatever your business, we build your own management software to act on all aspects of it.

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An additionnal need?

It lacks a module to your current management software ?No problem, we develop it according to your needs and then integrate into overall software. 

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The right equipment

To work effectively and prevent bugs, we dra a map of your needs and putting in place all the necessary infrastructure for the proper functioning of your business.

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Simple widget or gateway.

Whether you need special software tools, interface to create or establish a bridge between two software, we are able to provide all the solutions. 

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A doc that looks like you

Your company has specific products you want to condense part of a business to documentation from your service providers, employees or customers ? No problem. 

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The link between CAM and automation

There are few companies that are not confined to the management computer. We'll IT project to the development of controllers in your plants, if needed.

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Your entreprise 2.0

Be visible to all future customers and offer a nice window to your company. Our responsive design websites are modern and available from any device (smartphone, computer, tablet)

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Your online store !

835 million online sales in 2015 ! What about you? We are building an e-shopping tool for your product to generate maximum sales.

Odoo Members

Pourquoi opter pour un logiciel libre?

1- Because it's cheaper. You only pay for what you develop, the rest we use in a gobal base of source code.

2- Parce que vous êtes libre en permanence de partir à la concurrence. Fini les intégrateurs hors de prix aux délais rédhibitoires ! Quand vous changez de prestataire, vous emmenez vos développements avec vous. 

3- Parce que Python est un langage pratiqué par des millions de développeurs. Vous ne vous retrouvez donc jamais sans solution de maintenance. 

4- Because the Open Source market is growing at 40% per year, in contrast to conventional ERP vendors losing ground.

5- Parce que vous pouvez travailler tous OS confondus (Mac OS, linux, microsoft, androïd...) 

6- Parce que les interfaces sont toutes responsive design et que vous pouvez travailler sur n'importe quel support, smartphone, tablette ou ordinateur. 

7- Parce que vous êtes mobile! Avec une simple connexion internet, vous pouvez travailler en extérieur, sur le terrain, à l'étranger ou au bureau sans problème. 


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